Friday, December 18, 2009

China Glaze swatches

So here I am again, posting some new swatches from my Transdesign package.

First: The Ten Man by China Glaze
China Glaze The ten Man

China Glaze The Ten man

Great polish. But to have the shimmer effect, you have to put 3 layers of it on your nails. That's the best way to make the polish really goodlooking. Finished it with a ordinairy topcoat from the local drugstore. I've had more silver ish polishes, but this one is the best. It has a sheer of white in it, which makes it a one of a kind polish.

Second: Atlantis by China Glaze
China Glaze Atlantis
(I know, crappy picture. It's from my webcam, because my camera batteries where out of order haha)

Atlantis. I love it! Seriously! The picture doesn't capture how much glitters are in it! It's so gorgeous... Also a one of a kind polish. It's a geen/turquoise color with a lot of multiglitter. Really stunning. Around this time it's a great Christmas polish, you'll fit perfectly with your Christmastree!


  1. I love the Ten Man, it looks great!

  2. Fantastic manicure. Love that shine.

  3. *tag*

    Ik heb jullie allemaal getagd? getagged? tikkie jullie zijn hem! op mijn blog voor een award.

    Zet het ook nog wel even in het fok topic zodat jullie het allemaal zien.

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